Minggu, 14 Maret 2010

contoh SPEECH

hanya sebuah speech tugas sekolah saya :) semoga bisa membantu

The honourable Mr.Supri as an English teacher, and my beloved friends. Good morning and Ass.WrWb
Firs of all, I want to say thanks to our God because we can stay together in this room with healthy condition. Now, I’m standing here to deliver my speech about
“The Effectiveness of UN”
We know UN is a test given to students at the end of a course of study.In Indonesia, UN had held for five years. Every year the implementation of UN has arouse pro-contra’s argument. For me, Un is very usefull and it has advantages function. I think UN can make this country to have a good quality. Why? Because, we know that Indonesia has bad quality in education aspect. So, the government wants to build quality of education become better. UN can also make the students be creative so that produce children who are intelligent and smart., it causes students always drill their knowledge by doing some exercises. Beside that, UN can be as benchmark and evaluate the students with what they have learned during this three years. It is also a challenge for all students because if there aren’t final examination, may be education in our country will fall apart without considering the interests of this nation’s progress. Why is not all the subjects tested? Because UN has purpose that assess the achievement of national graduate competition in the eyes of Indonesian language, mathematics, and science. Also for mapping the quality of education at the unit level of education to the national level. Then, encourage the achievement of targets compulsory quality basic education. UN can be the glue between regions in the current era of autonomy within the framework of a national education system. That’s all of my opinion but my advice for UN needs to continue with the improvements, where fixed costs borne by the government examinations, improvement of problem, objective scoring, the security question, the credibility of oversight. Necessary efforts to realize the implementation of an honest examination exam.
Ok. I think it’s enough for all of my speech. Sorry if there are some mistakes.
Good morning and Wass. Wr. Wb

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